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Behind the scenes of Aardman's new website and branding

After 15 years, Aardman Animations have a new website and stationery design. Gavin Strange reveals how he created it.

aardman new website and stationary
Aardman has been given a fresh new k after 15 years of the same design

Known for their award-winning animations such as Wallace & Gromit, Aardman is a leader in their field. They've also had the same look for their website and stationery for over 15 years.

So recently they tasked senior designer and Creative Bloq favourite Gavin Strange with the job of refreshing their look. Here, he tell us about the brief, his process and the finished result.

"It started with the website – with web technology driving forward at a blinding pace, our last iteration online didn't have much content to display," he explains.

aardman website and stationary design
Strange wanted creative content to be at the forefront of the new design

"That really was the focus for the new design – let the beautiful work that so many people spend so long creating be the centre point and let the design fall back."

But Strange was also aware that taking a minimalist approach is fraught with pitfalls.

"The danger is that it loses its soul and becomes cold," he explains. So he brought in charm and character by adding in what he calls the 'wonk' – "physically wonky angles on different sections to adding a bit of elasticity to the animation of the UI elements."